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email pet peeves

8 biggest email pet peeves

Spam, emoticons and group emails -- most people have a love-hate relationship with email. Here are workers' eight biggest email pet peeves.

12 backup

11 ways to fight off ransomware

These tips will help keep your PC safe from malware.

juno mission 1

NASA’s hot Juno Jupiter mission

NASA’s Juno spacecraft, once described as a flying armored tank, has almost reached its destination: Jupiter. Check out the images from the mission.

wallpapers android

The best wallpaper apps for your Android phone

Bored with your home screen? It’s time to spruce things with these smart apps that will give you live and immersive gallery options.

20160622 sensors expo sign and line

Slideshow: Check out the sensors that make IoT click

Sensors are at the heart of the Internet of Things, collecting the data that powers wearables and smart cities alike. This week in San Jose, makers of sensors and related gear gathered for the Sensors Expo & Conference. We took a look...

1 intro global

United Kingdom has the strongest security globally, report says

Recent research by BitSight Technologies analyzed the security performance of a random sample of 250 companies (with at least 1,000 employees) per country from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, China and...

google maps android

10 Google Maps tips and tricks you need to know

Maps can do way more than just replicate a layout of your city if you learn where all of its many features are located.

Fedora GNOME Workstation

Say hello to Fedora 24, a Linux OS for a containerized world

Fedora 24 is the first 2016 release from the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project, and it made its debut on Tuesday. Included in the software are several key new features for enterprises. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

biggest ceo raises and pay cuts intro

Tech's biggest CEO raises and pay cuts

Half of the CEO pay packages we analyzed grew in value from 2014 to 2015.

highest paid tech ceos intro

20 highest paid tech CEOs

Oracle's two CEOs share the top spot in our ranking of tech CEO pay. See who else made the top 20.

01 books primary

Take these security books with you on vacation

Why spend your beach time this summer reading mystery novels when real world mysteries are swirling through the cyber sphere? These books have been recommended by your security peers.

top fastest supercomputers 1

The 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world

Looking like the world’s most important and uncomfortable furniture…It’s the six-month anniversary of the last list, which means it’s time for a new one. Terrible shelf-life, these supercomputer lists, but that means there’s a whole...

1 spear phishing intro

Inside a phishing attack

Several weeks ago, a key member of the WatchGuard Technologies finance team was targeted by a spear phishing attempt. Find out what they did to track down the phisher.


New products of the week 6.20.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as HPE and Adtran.

01 fathersday

Dads to the rescue: 10 parenting apps to keep things running smoothly at home

You spend your days surrounded by technology that makes your work tasks easier, why not try a few new apps that can make your dad duties easier, too?

1 briefcase

How to prevent data from leaving with a departing employee

Having policies in place can help keep employees from walking out the door with company information.

e3 highlights 6

Visual highlights: The E3 gaming Expo

Weird scenes inside the goldmine (of E3)

cisco innovation 1

Cisco names winners of Innovate Everywhere Challenge

Nearly half of Cisco’s 74,000-member workforce got involved in the company’s recently completed Innovate Everywhere Challenge, designed to spark startup-like activity among its ranks. More than 1,100 ideas were submitted and 3 winners...

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