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7 inspiring ideas for security leaders

Amall changes can lead to big improvements in both security posture and leadership in the next few weeks.

January 2015 Windows 10 beta

Hands on with the Windows 10 preview: What works, what doesn’t

With a few small steps backward and some giant leaps forward, Windows 10 is shaping up as a worthy successor to Windows 7.

A man sitting as his computer in a dark office looking at the screen intensely.

10 signs you’ve been coding too much for too long

If you’re doing one or more of these things, it might be time to step away from the IDE and take a break

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6 ways the Blackhat movie got security wrong (and 4 things it got right)

Though the plot of Blackhat takes some typical Hollywood thriller jumps, from a technical standpoint, the movie is fairly accurate.

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10 tips to secure your iPhone

No more is it enough to think that securing your iPhone with a simple 4 digit PIN is adequate.


The 5 best open source email clients for Linux

There are plenty of great email clients for Linux desktops. Here are the best of the bunch.

012715 superbowl 1

Super Bowl XLIX’s techiest commercials

T-Mobile, BMW, Coke and Bud Light get geeky.

2015 Open Source Rookies of the Year

The top 10 rookie open source projects

Black Duck presents its Open Source Rookies of the Year -- the 10 most exciting, active new projects germinated by the global open source community.

windows10 surface

Windows 10: The best tips, tricks, and tweaks

Windows 10 may still be in beta, but it already has some fun and handy, hidden new features worth exploring. Check 'em out here.


Windows 10: The 10 coolest features you should check out first

From Cortana to the fancy new Start menu, you won't want to miss these Windows 10 features.

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2015 Technology of the Year Award winners

The best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services of the year.

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12 ways Silicon Valley hates women

Tech leaders in the Bay Area say the right words, but reality reveals a serious problem. Here are a dozen examples of how the world’s hub for technology is a hotbed for sexism.

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5 things we love, hate about the ASUS X205 notebook

The ASUS X205 is a Windows 8.1 notebook designed to halt the encroachment of Chromebooks into the low-end Windows notebook market.

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10 simple-to-use social media monitoring and analytics tools

These tools can help you monitor campaigns and analyze the metrics to draw actionable insights and demonstrate real ROI.

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13 geeky SkyMall catalog treasures you can’t live without!

You might want to act now given SkyMall’s financial situation.

obama state of the union

State of the Union 2015: 5 takeaways from the most tech heavy address in history

The clapping and cheering may be over, but Tuesday night's State of the Union in 2015 will live on for IT folks.

best worst places to work

5 best and 5 worst places to work

Looking for a new IT gig in 2015? We've compiled a list of the best and worst companies in the tech industry so you know where to apply -- and who to avoid.

The future of input devices

Good-bye, keyboard: The future of input devices is (almost) here

The end of typing as we know it may be a gesture, a blink, or a thought away.

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