Microsoft SharePoint Bible: Your Complete Guide

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How to Build a Business Case For SharePoint

A business case for SharePoint should clearly articulate the hard ROI, soft ROI, and the risks that the system will mitigate.

Microsoft Targets Google Apps, Cuts Exchange, SharePoint Online Prices

Microsoft has cut in half its per user per month list price for Exchange Online services and cut by 33 percent the price of its Business Productivity Online Services suite of online productivity applications.

The Competition

SharePoint: Is Microsoft's Biggest Recent Success At Risk?

Yes, the user base of the collaboration tool is growing, but it might be shelfware whose hold on the enterprise could be threatened by easier-to-use offerings.

Microsoft SharePoint: Three Sleek Social Networking Alternatives

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 promises more enterprise social networking tools, but if you're still questioning the cost and complexity, here's a look at some lean and mean alternatives.

Oracle's Beehive Takes Aim At Microsoft's Sharepoint

Oracle announced enhancements to its Beehive collaboration software as well as steep price cuts as it targets long-established offerings from Microsoft and IBM.

Microsoft Sharepoint vs. Enterprise 2.0 Start-ups: Day of Reckoning Arrives

For several years, Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration software has looked dysfunctional and pricey compared to innovative packages from start-ups. But in a new version en route, Microsoft has improved on some gripes, particularly its social software.

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