15 cloud companies to watch

By Beth Schultz, Network World |  Software

"Because we work within a Web browser there is no complexity in managing our solution," said Gil Rapaport, president of Viewfinity in an interview for Network World's "Network/Systems Management Alert" newsletter. "We see ourselves as complementary to existing systems management products because customers in many cases have been adding our technology to monitor their mobile workforce more easily alongside other systems management products."

The cloud platform builds on Viewfinity's specialized application virtualization technology, which enables administrators to install and manage virtualized applications without changing the user's desktop experience.

Who heads the company: CEO Leonid Shtilman, who most recently served as a senior vice president at CA, which acquired XOsoft, a company he founded and led.

How the company got into cloud computing: Viewfinity launched using virtualization technology as a foundation for simplifying and automating the deployment and management of applications, licenses and assets. Transitioning to systems and privilege management via the cloud was a natural progression, the company says.

Virtual ArkHeadquarters: San FranciscoWhat it offers: The Virtual Ark SaaS Application Management Platform, which combines SaaS-enablement of enterprise applications on clouds with managed services expertise.How much it costs: Pricing specifics unavailable

Why we're watching it: While SaaS applications are available for just about any IT and business need imaginable, sometimes enterprises just don't want to go there. They've grown comfortable with their enterprise applications. Start-up Virtual Ark has an answer – a value-added service for delivering a customer's enterprise applications in a SaaS model, complete with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Virtual Ark leverages existing cloud infrastructures from companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Rackspace, using its managed services expertise, software and management tools to deliver true SaaS for enterprise applications. It uses its own development platform and systems as well as leading tools from cloud companies such as RightScale, says Klaus Bartosch, the company's executive vice president of global sales and marketing.

Virtual Ark works with enterprises through independent software vendors partners including Ingres and TechnologyOne. Bartosch adds. To date, SaaS-enabled applications include those for CRM, ERP and financial management, he says. Enterprises benefit from reduced IT complexity and lower fixed costs.

Who heads the company: CEO Marty Gauvin, who also founded data center operator Tier 5 and Hostworks, which sold to Macquarie Group in 2008.

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