20 Sizzling Summer Video Games

From LEGO Harry Potter to Madden NFL 11, here's a sneak peek at great PC and video games you won't want to miss this summer.

By Matt Peckham, PC World |  Software, Halo, PS3

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Expected July 27

The Scoop: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty; by: Blizzard; from: Blizzard; for: PC.

It's another PC exclusive, and this one's the 800-pound gorilla--a sequel to a military-themed sci-fi real-time strategy game so popular in some countries that professional players square off in televised tournaments.

StarCraft II doesn't want to reinvent the medium, but with this game's multiplayer-focused design team and promise to deliver "the ultimate competitive real-time strategy" experience, StarCraft II will settle for owning it.

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