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By Logan G. Harbaugh, Network World |  Software, disaster recovery, email archiving

Most systems can also find PST files that users have saved locally and re-incorporate them into the archive to ensure that the messages are backed up. All of the products in this test offer an Outlook plug-in that adds functionality, but is not required for basic use of the system. None of the plug-ins were difficult to install or obtrusive once in place. All of the products can integrate with Active Directory or other LDAP directories to make it simple to set up a portal so users can find and restore messages.

Another useful function is the ability to archive one version of Exchange and restore to another. This makes it possible to upgrade more transparently than via the standard Microsoft upgrade procedure, and with the ability to back out if things go wrong.

In our testing, we looked at appliances and software-only products. And we tested products targeted at 100 end users all the way up to solutions for the largest enterprises.

Here are quick thumbnail results on each product (click on products below to see individual stories):* The Barracuda appliance delivers excellent scalability, a good feature set and a low price per user.* Deepinvent offers a very simple installation, SMB-oriented features and good pricing.* For small and midsized businesses looking for the best value, GFI offers low prices, a good feature set, and a product that can grow with an organization.* Jatheon offers the ease of installation of an appliance, with easy administration as well.* RedGate offers a small and midsized business product that focuses on disaster recovery.* At the high end of the scale, MetaLogix offers a full set of features, great granularity, and excellent migration tools.* And Symantec offers the most powerful product in this test, though also the most complex to set up and administer.

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