27 things you need to know about Oracle, SAP and HP

Here's our cheat sheet to the shenanigans around SAP and TomorrowNow

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It's mainly about how much damages SAP will have to pay, which means there will be testimony about how the software industry works and from damages experts. It will also touch a bit on how much SAP executives knew about this, so that's where it could get interesting.

So the trial starts Monday?

Yep. Jury selection is on Monday, opening statements will probably happen the next day.

And why do I care about this again?

To be honest it may not affect you that much, but it sure makes for good sport. If you're a shareholder in SAP or Oracle you might want to know how much money each of them stands to win or lose. If you're an SAP customer you might want to know how virtuous the people who run that company are, although some of the executives have moved on by now anyway. And if you're interested in third-party support services there might be some ramifications there. Some people say the problems SAP has had will put off other companies from getting into the business.

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