How Wi-Fi and Wireless Data-Sharing Cures Patients' Ills

By Stephanie Overby , CIO |  Software, EHR, health care

The CTCA at Western Regional Medical Center project took about a year to complete, opening in December 2008. The whole hospital project came in at 25% below its multi-million-dollar budget. CTCA has since rolled out the new systems and processes to its other three hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Typically, IT insists on at least a 20% return for major projects. "We won't get that on this one," says Eckes. Instead, he'll be looking for other signs of value, such as improved patient experience, quality of life and increased survival rates. "If it saves one life or improves the quality of care for one patient, the investment will be well worth it."

Stephanie Overby is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts.

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