12 Amazing Productivity Boosters

Manage to-do lists, capture ideas, and overclock your workday (and home life) with these apps for getting things done.

By Robert Strohmeyer, PC World |  Software, productivity apps

If you're focused on getting things done during the workday, you don't have time to read every interesting Web link that people forward to you throughout the day. Offline readers Instapaper and ReadItLater solve that problem by letting you send the link to your phone or tablet for perusing during your free time, even if you're away from an Internet connection. Instapaper is by far our favorite, but for now it lacks a decent Android app (some compatible apps are available for Android--we're just not impressed yet). ReadItLater works very well with the Android-based Paperdroid app. (Get Instapaper and ReadItLater)

7. Android Voice Text

I don't care how good smartphone keyboards get; they'll always be small and typo-prone. Since everyone expects me to send mistyped text messages and e-mail from my phone anyway, I skip the keyboard entirely and dictate messages to my Droid with Android Voice Text. The feature is included by default with Android 2.0 and later, so most new Google-powered smartphones already have it built in. You can also use Android Voice Actions (in Android 2.2) to perform basic tasks such as "call so-and-so" or "get directions to Chez Panisse." Sure, the translation is far less than perfect. But it's a lot less work than typing, and your friends will forgive you for the occasional wacky texts you send.

8. Dragon Dictation for iPad/iPhone

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can skip the keyboard for capturing long-form messages and notes with the free Dragon Dictation app. The app requires you to speak slowly and clearly, but its accuracy is impressive. And if it messes up a word, you can tap to make quick corrections. (Get Dragon Dictation)

9. PamFax

I hate--yes, literally hate--fax machines. Every time a contractor asks me to fax back a form, I bristle. But with PamFax, you can keep Luddites in the loop for about $6 per month, and receive unlimited faxes yourself, with no annoying ads. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android. You'll want a scanner if you plan on faxing forms and such. (Get PamFax)

10. XMind

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