Supercharged Android: 12 apps to boost your smartphone

Make your Android device run longer, run smarter, and run almost anywhere with this collection of essential apps

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WidgetLocker can handle interactive widgets, too. I frequently use it to control my music players and podcasting utilities; with those widgets on my lock screen, I can stop and start play or skip to the next track without having to unlock my phone. And WidgetLocker doesn't let you actually open any app without first entering the standard system password, so your security is never jeopardized. Note that you need Android 2.1 or higher to run this app.

WidgetLocker costs $2.

11. Adapt to your environment with Setting Profiles Your behavior changes when you move from one location to another -- so why shouldn't your phone adapt, too?

Install Setting Profiles, and it can. With Setting Profiles, you tell you phone exactly how to behave based on any number of conditions. Want to have your ringer switch to vibrate-only when you're at the office, then switch itself back to ring-and-vibrate when you're at home? No problem. Want your phone to automatically text your significant other every time you arrive at the Boston airport? Easy enough. Want to have your display stay on when you're listening to music in the car? Setting Profiles can handle it all.

Setting Profiles costs $4.







12. Speak your commands with Voice Actions and Vlingo Got something to say? Android's listening. Google's mobile operating system offers a wealth of ways to control your phone by simply speaking commands. If you aren't taking advantage of them, you're missing out on a quick and safe way to get things done.

Google's Voice Actions for Android enables a slew of speakable command options that work throughout the entire operating system. While the app's long-form text transcriptions can sometimes be a bit sloppy, the commands themselves work quite reliably.

Voice Actions' commands include phrases to get directions, call contacts, look up and dial businesses, play music, open websites, and search the Internet. The program is available free for all smartphones running Android 2.2.

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