Open office dilemma: vs. LibreOffice

Dueling open source alternatives to Microsoft Office match word processors, spreadsheets, and much more; which one should you choose?

By Neil McAllister, InfoWorld |  Software, LibreOffice,

The other consideration, however, is what happens next. and LibreOffice draw from the same code base, so most of their features are identical -- for now. But Oracle's commitment to maintaining a desktop office application suite is unclear, and with many key developers having defected to the Document Foundation, it seems likely that LibreOffice will improve more quickly than Oracle's version of the suite. Already LibreOffice 3.3.0 contains enhancements not available in 3.3.0.

The great thing about both suites, however, is that your decision need not be set in stone. Because the OpenDocument formats are truly open standards, there is no lock-in like you have with Microsoft Office (or even specific versions of Office). Future versions of either suite will be able to open your documents equally well, and in all likelihood, so will any future competitors. If enterprise-grade support is your priority, go with for now. But no matter what size your organization, LibreOffice is definitely one to watch.

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