The Motley Fool uses enterprise search to integrate content

By Kim S. Nash , CIO |  Software, enterprise search

The Motley Fool's license with Google had capacity limits; by early 2009, Wolfsheimer couldn't index more content without upgrading. For a while, the company removed some older content from its pool of searchable material to include new items. "But it was a shame for us to have to hide content," he says. Solr/Lucene doesn't limit how much can be indexed, Wolfsheimer says. Plus, because it's open source, his team can freely play with the code to refine the results a search produces. For example, when a customer who pays for a premium subscription searches, links to exclusive content bubble to the top of her results.

These changes have increased click-throughs from search results to content by 40%, Wolfsheimer says, which shows that more people are finding more content that interests them. "We can help them get what they're paying for."

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