Monkeys, cameras, and copyright

Who owns the copyright on pictures taken by a monkey?

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They messed with the wrong website. Not only is it very questionable whether they own the copyright or not, and therefore can't ask you to take it down *at all*, but this is clearly a case of fair use. -- Anonymous Coward on TechDirt (lots of Cowards here).

Well, they can *ask* anything they want. They didn't really ever claim to have any sort of legal claim. -- TechDirt – guess who?

I notice that Caters seems to carefully avoid claiming it holds, or has an interest in, the copyright on the photo. -- I do hope to see the short and polite response from Mike telling them to F off. Come on Mike let's keep this train rolling! -- Steven on TechDirt (Yay! A real name!)

Caters News, regardless of the issue of who does and doesn't own the copyright - it is 100% clear that the copyright owner is not yourself. -- Meee on TechDirt

Readers over at Gizmodo joined the party.

Oh god, this is exactly the sort of absurd situation law professor use for exam questions. I am having flashbacks. -- hardvice on Gizmodo

I own it; I just downloaded it. -- Curves on Gizmodo

Finally, the answer, on PetaPixel:

Monkeys would own the copyright if they had lawyers. -- John Kantor on

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