Prepare for the Larry Page world listening tour!

Google CEO could learn a few things from Leo Apotheker about ducking Oracle subpoenas


1, presumably by showing up at HP's headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., to fill out his job application for the anal HR people and maybe fire a few laggards to let everyone know who's boss.

Instead, Apotheker began his new job by embarking on what HP described as a worldwide "listening tour," meeting company employees, customers and shareholders in places coincidentally beyond a geographical location where he could be served a subpoena.

This led some people to question whether Leo was "on the lam." Such cynicism!

In the end, Apotheker managed to totally duck the subpoena (though Oracle totally won the court case).

So there's your template, Larry Page. TIme to pack those suitcases and hit the road. Google's employees in Istanbul await you.

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