Manage your money in Mac OS X Lion -- without Quicken

By Jeffery Battersby, Macworld |  Software, Mac OS X Lion, personal finance

If you didn't read the small print before you installed Lion you may have restarted your Mac to a bit of an unpleasant surprise. Rosetta, the invisible emulation environment that was a part of both Leopard and Snow Leopard and allowed you to run PowerPC applications, has gone the way of the dinosaur with Lion.

Unfortunately, this means that Quicken, Inuit's deprecated but still ubiquitous personal finance management application, will no longer work on your Mac. How do you manage your personal finances if Quicken won't work with Lion? Fortunately there are several alternatives to help you keep tabs on your cash flow.


IGG Software's iBank ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ; $60, Mac App Store link) has long been the heir apparent to the Mac personal finance empire. Thoughtfully designed and easy to use, iBank is updated on a regular basis and the developer is attentive to customer needs, which means that the features you want typically show up when the application is updated.

What makes iBank a worthwhile replacement for Quicken is the fact that, like Quicken, it is capable of automatically downloading your banking information. What's more, if iBank can't import the data automatically, it's intelligent enough to use your bank's Web banking site to automatically import the files that you download manually. Great graphs, great features, and intelligent design make iBank an excellent Quicken alternative.


No Thirst Software's Moneywell ($50; Mac App Store link) remains one of my favorite personal finance applications largely because it helps you budget your finances, rather then just helping you see where you've spent your money. This makes Moneywell different—and I think better—than almost every other personal finance application currently available for the Mac.

Moneywell uses the "envelope" method of money management to help you divvy your dollars up before you spend them. This makes it quick and easy to see whether or not you're living within your budget and it also makes it possible for you to take cash from one category and, when necessary, use it in another. Like iBank, Moneywell makes it easy to import your banking data, and offers excellent graphs and a number of other tools to manage your income and expenses.

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