Carol Bartz should try shutting up for once

Ousted Yahoo CEO gets millions in severance, whines to Fortune about being 'f***ed over'


Not only did Bartz include a thinly veiled cheap shot at Bostock in her "I just got fired" email to all Yahoo employees, she called up Fortune the next day to complain that the board "f***ed me over," while noting that "there are reporters at the gate… a lot of them."

The Yahoo employees who lost their jobs in the past few years due to mismanagement and incoherent strategy (not just on Bartz's part), as well as the 14 million other unemployed people in the U.S., should be so lucky as to have mansion gates for reporters to be at.

Maybe Carol Bartz should spend some time behind that gate to reflect on how relatively lucky she is, and how she would be well-served to control her classless mouth.

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