Windows 8 teases about tablets and faster booting

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Windows 8

Tuesday, September 13, Microsoft will officially release some details about Windows 8 to get the hype machine in gear until the OS actually ships. Two of the rumors getting the most play are about running on tablets and faster boot times.

Since Intel has little penetration into the tablet market, some doom-sayers are predicting the end of "Wintel" if a full version of Windows 8 is ported to ARM chips running in tablets. We think such predictions premature and most likely wrong. But expanding Windows to other chip families will make for some interesting news over the next year or two.

Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky promises Windows 8 has been "reimagined" and done with no compromises. But didn't Microsoft say wonderful things about Vista?

Hype squared

I think windows 8 could be a bigger hit than Bob.
no more Bozos on

I want MS do to better. I have to use this junk all they long. They have to STOP putting all the effort in changing the freaking UI and start working on the INSIDE. Getting a new version of Windows is like getting a ferrari with the engine of a PRIUS.
yacahuma on

Excellent press release. Thanks Seattle Times.
Xman 91 on

Whenever a new version of Windows comes out Microsoft boast of how they've fixed the slow boot-up issue... but it's still a pain for many users.
markgoodson on

Windows 7 is finally working. I hope they don't screw it up too bad.

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