Developers giddy over Windows 8

Microsoft's emphasis on touch cited as new opportunity for developers looking to target tablets in the post-PC era

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Developer tools could be key to successWhile Microsoft has yet to reveal a general availability date for Windows 8, the company did release its Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview at last week's Build conference.

Formerly called vNext, Visual Studio 11 is tuned for building Windows 8 and HTML5 applications. The toolset includes templates for building Metro-style applications with JavaScript, C#, VB, or C++. Windows 8 supports XAML applications as well.

ECI's McCormick came away impressed with the developer tools on offer for Windows 8, calling them "very polished, very excellent-looking at this stage of the game."

Meanwhile, Microsoft's.Net Framework 4.5 will enable developers to write faster code, said Jason Zander, corporate vice president of the Visual Studio team at Microsoft, in a blog post. "Support for asynchronous programming in C# and Visual Basic enables developers to easily write client UI code that doesn't block, and server code that scales more efficiently," Zander wrote."The new server garbage collector reduces pause times, and new features in the Parallel Computing Platform enable Dataflow programming and other improvements."

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