Oracle releases JavaFX 2.0, shares plans for Java 9

Company unveils the latest Java client and server technologies at JavaOne conference

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Oracle kicked off the JavaOne conference yesterday by shedding light on upcoming editions of Java and unveiling JavaFX 2.0, a new release of Oracle's platform for building rich client applications. The Java upgrades -- Java 8 and Java 9 -- promise improved support for multicore processing and big data, while JavaFX 2.0 tightens the focus on enterprise Java developers and data-driven business applications.

With Java 9, Oracle is developing an ambitious feature set. Capabilities the company is considering include a self-tuning Java Virtual Machine, improved native integration, and increased memory support for "big data" processing. Big data involves analyzing massive amounts of data, and it's good to hear Oracle is paying attention to the need to stretch Java's limits. "Two gigabytes is sometimes not big enough for an array of data," said Mark Reinhold, chief architect for the Java Platform at Oracle, referring to the current constraints of the JVM. Other capabilities eyed for Java 9 include meta-object protocol capabilities, to improve integration across language boundaries, and multi-tenancy, to allow multiple applications to dwell together.

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There is still plenty of time for Oracle to flesh out the Java 9 to-do list. Meanwhile Java 8, which is due next year, is expected to provide capabilities such as modularization via Project Jigsaw and Lambda expressions via Project Lambda, the latter aimed at improving support for multicore programming. The forthcoming Java EE (Enterprise Edition) 7 release, meanwhile, has a cloud computing bent and would enable pruning of capabilities such as JAX-RX (Java API for Restful Web Services) by platform vendors if they so choose.

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