SUSE Linux top exec: Interoperability is key

In an exclusive interview, Suse president and GM Nils Brauckmann talks about strategic partnerships, building clouds, and whether the economic downturn presents an opportunity for open source.

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I understand and see the values of open source, and we know that customers expect better total cost of ownership. They like open source Linux because it is easy to customize to unique hardware and software requirements. Customers expect a richer choice, freedom of choice. I think they see open source not only as a means to reduce total costs of ownership, but also to achieve greater levels of vendor independence. There are a lot of enterprises out there these days that try to avoid, as much as they can, being locked in with just one vendor, and engaging with open source solution is one means to achieve that. SUSE Linux Enterprise is the solution that is best designed for mixed IT environments. We pride ourselves on having the most interoperable Linux operating system in the industry. We support all of the major virtualization infrastructures -- Hyper-V, VMWare, Xen. We are very interoperable not just on the technology level, but also with regards to the alliances and partnerships that we have. We are the only Linux operating system that is endorsed by VMWare, by Microsoft, and by SAP, for example, at the same time.

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