Cloud9 IDE Looks Polished, Feels Unfinished

Cloud9 IDE is a beautifully designed Web-based development environment that falls short on functionality and documentation.

By Erez Zukerman, PC World |  Software, JavaScript

When editing a file, Cloud9 offers a "run" button. Clicking this button while editing my perfectly-valid JavaScript file (written by a coder far better than myself) simply printed out a cryptic error into the output console, about a module that failed to load. This error message included no links to documentation or suggestions for resolution. The module was not explicitly referenced anywhere in the code. Queries to the developer went unanswered.

This little episode represents my entire Cloud9 experience. In a word: Frustrating. I felt like the tools I need may be within reach, but the complete lack of documentation made it impossible for me to get over the initial learning curve and become productive with the Cloud9. Hopefully, documentation will be added in due time, and Cloud9 will come to shine like I think it can.

Originally published on PC World |  Click here to read the original story.
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