Get an early taste of Linux Mint 12

A brand-new release candidate offers multiple options for those wary of GNOME 3.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Software, gnome, Linux

Just a week or so after revealing that Linux Mint 12 would be taking a hybrid approach to introducing GNOME 3, the project behind the free operating system on Saturday announced the debut of a release candidate of the software.

All those interested in checking out the new version of the open source Linux distribution, dubbed "Lisa," can get a taste for themselves by downloading an ISO image and taking it for a test drive.

Linux Mint is now ranked as the most popular Linux distribution, according to DistroWatch, unseating Canonical's Ubuntu, which had long held the top spot.

Based on the new Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot," the final version of Linux Mint 12 is due for release later this month, or as soon as the team feels it's ready. It will be supported until April 2013.

Here's a rundown of some of the key features you'll find in the new release candidate of the software.

1. GNOME 3 and MGSE

As I described last week, Linux Mint 12 will ease the transition to the controversial new GNOME 3 desktop by adding a layer on top that lets you use GNOME 3 in a traditional way.

MGSE, or Mint GNOME Shell Extensions, is the name of that layer, and it gives users numerous options with respect to GNOME 3. For a full-fledged GNOME 3 experience, for instance, users can disable all MGSE components; conversely, by enabling all of them you'll get a GNOME 3 desktop that's similar to what you've been using before. Alternatively, users can also pick and choose which components they want to enable for a custom-designed "middle of the road."

Also included in MGSE, meanwhile, are additional extensions such as a media player indicator and multiple GNOME 3 enhancements.


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