Mint is fun, client-focused Linux distro

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There is no special server, virtualization, or cloud emphasis in Linux Mint, although its Ubuntu underpinnings could be used for these roles. The focus of Linux Mint 12 is very highly poised towards UI choice and rapid revision cycles, both of which aren't the crux of server instances. Linux Mint is graphical, multimedia-focused, and for the desktop.


The arguments regarding Ubuntu and Mint boil down to desktop values. Mint offers more choice in UI support. Mint 12 uses an advanced kernel compared to Ubuntu 11.10, and has a different method of updating applications. These are fine hairs, but important fine hairs, to be split in the selection of Linux Mint 12. It's not especially built for server or cloud duty, like Ubuntu is. But its freshness should satisfy those whose oxen were gored by Ubuntu's Unity UI.

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