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Why Corporations Need to Automate IT Systems Management

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    With corporate budgets being slashed and leaders expecting more out of their employees, companies are forced to do more with less, yet are still expected to provide the highest quality experience to customers. This is pushing them to make better use of their IT assets without breaking the budget. Companies are under more pressure than ever, thanks to data management regulations; increasingly complex security threats; and growing demand from management and end users for 24/7 uptime and high performance. These hurdles require a strategic investment in technologies that boost efficiency, save money and position IT as an integral part of the entire firm's operations. IT systems management is helping corporations fill these gaps. The benefits of implementing an IT systems management solution include:
    * Being able to deliver relief from the administration, monitoring and helpdesk chores that eat up time and resources
    * Immediate time and personnel savings, not to mention reduced licensing fees for software maintenance
    * Automated ITSM also provides improvements in energy efficiency and security, lowering data center costs. These energy savings dovetail nicely with "green" programs and standards that many corporations are striving for

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