8 CRM trends you need to watch

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff , CIO |  Software

6. CRM Will Continue to Go Social After making significant gains last year, social networks are becoming a more influential part of the decision making process for consumers, O'Hara says. As a result, CRM software vendors "will continue to incorporate social into their products, allowing businesses to better understand subtle trends and niche adoptions of their sales and marketing efforts," she says. "CRMs will also use social networks to provide ways for business teams to better communicate across sales and support channels within the CRM platform."

7. Mobile Applications Will Empower Customer-Facing Workers and Consumers "In 2012, CRM systems will be bought in terms of the strength of the mobile component," Oram argues. "Vendors with strong mobile components will gain a significant advantage over those that lack it, and many vendors will play catch-up around native clients and security."

William Band, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, agrees. "Mobility has become a key corporate priority," he notes. "In particular, the ability to use handheld mobile devices to support customer-facing workers like sales contacts and customer service activities in the field has clearly moved beyond its previous status as a specialized nice-to-have option and into the mainstream."

8. Crowdsourcing Process Improvements"Organizations will increasingly try to harness the voice of the customer to prioritize process improvements and help back-office employees better understand customer expectations," Bland predicts. "Providing more customer feedback to employees across the organization in the form of survey results, customer visits, social sentiment data and the like [will] help employees better understand the impact their decisions have on the customer."

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff writes regularly about CRM and runs a marketing communications firm focused on helping organizations better interact with their customers and partners.

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