Free and affordable software to sync your work and your life

These downloadable utilities will keep your many computers talking -- and keep your work and personal life on track.

By Preston Gralla, PC World |  Software, free software, utilities

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If you're like plenty of people these days, you have more than just one computer--and I don't mean just a traditional desktop or laptop PC, but also a smartphone or a tablet. A smartphone is little more than a computer wrapped around a cell phone; and a tablet, of course, is merely a computer in a convenient portable package.

Having multiple devices is certainly useful, but it's problematic as well. What happens when you're on your smartphone and you want to access contacts that you normally store on your desktop computer? How can you keep your schedule in sync everywhere? How about keeping your notes in sync, or listening to the music files on your PC when you're halfway across the continent with only your phone nearby?

You can handle those challenges and more, with help from the following downloads. All of them are useful, and all of them are easy to use. And most of them are free.

(To get all of the links in one convenient list, see our "Free and Affordable Software to Sync Your Work and Your Life" downloads collection.)

Keeping Files in Sync

When you're juggling multiple computers and multiple devices, the biggest problem you face is ensuring that your files and folders stay in sync. These downloads do the job neatly.


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