IT must provide enterprise collaboration tools employees will use

By Thor Olavsrud , CIO |  Unified Communications, Collaboration Software

The vendors all have different solutions to these problems, but they do agree that IT needs to work with rather than against employees to enable collaboration easier and IT needs to help employees collaborate in the ways they want to collaborate. For instance, rather than banning the use of email to send files, provide a direct connector to Outlook—transparent to the end user—that recognizes when a sensitive document has been attached to an email and then exchanges it with the recipient securely and tracks where it goes.

"The solution is to make a cloud-enabled platform part of the internal ecosystem," says Von Weihe. "Our perspective is that the key thing here is to bring these tools and technologies into the existing participants in the ecosystem. Rather than presenting your cloud-enabled technologies as an alternative to SharePoint or Microsoft Office, build it to integrate with those tools."

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