New startup incubator: AOL's couches

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There he continues to work on his project, now called ClassConnect.

Go Eric go

I hope things keep looking up for him, someone that determined will go far!
AugustusLongeye on

I don't doubt for a moment that Eric will be successful at what ever he sets out to do, you can't buy that kind of focus.
ChuckMcM on

Atta Boy, give him a job
Bunty waiting for Triple Crown on

As the self-appointed permanent apologist for all things AOL, I declare that what Eric did is totally cool.
jaylevitt on


Wow--I think aol needs to look at their overall security.
brigitte-grisanti on

If anything, they should fire the guard.
Cheeky on

Hey, AOL

It figures that the hardest worker for AOL is the one they have not hired.

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