The week in iOS apps: Come fly with me

By Joel Mathis, Macworld |  Software, Apple iOS

This week's roundup of iOS apps is another feast for the senses, with offerings that let you pretend to fly through the air, watch the latest shows, read the latest news, or plan that trip to the big city.

Already this week, we brought you hands-on looks at Sketchbook Ink, Google's revamped iOS search app, and Yahoo Axis, which syncs browsing between your mobile devices and desktop.

The week also saw updates to the finance app and Tweetbot for iPad, while the universe of video-chatting apps continued to expand with new and updated offerings from Sidecar and ooVoo, respectively.

Other new and updated apps that caught our eye this week:

Air Mail: We admit to being partial to all things both steampunk and fantasy, so Chillingo's new $5 Air Mail game—native to both iPhone and iPad—is right up our alley. You pilot a customizable biplane through a fantastical landscape of blimps and pyramids, choosing from one of three game modes: "Mission," which lets you follow a story through seven chapters, "Express Delivery," which features short but action-packed missions, and "Explore," which lets you simply fly around the game's islands and search for hidden treasures. For an extra dollar, you can make an in-app purchase of the game's cheat menu. But beware while you're flying around: You never know if Snoopy is hot on your tail.

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