From 'Warthog' to 'Pangolin': up close with Ubuntu Linux mascots

If you're a fan of Ubuntu Linux, there's a good chance you're among the many who have been wondering in the last day or so what, precisely, a pangolin is

By Katherine Noyes, PCWorld |  Software, Linux, slideshow

13. Maverick Meerkat (10.10)

Flickr image credit: thebuffafamily

Who can keep a straight face while watching Meerkat Manor and the antics of the many meerkat families in the Kalahari Desert? These little creatures are intensely social animals. In some parts of Africa, it's believed that the meerkat--known as the “sun angel”--protects villages from the “moon devil,” or werewolf.

Then there's Maverick Meerkat, the Ubuntu release that debuted last October. Perhaps even more notable is that the now-hotly-contested Unity interface debuted along with it in the Netbook Edition.

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