How to use Automator's services and folder action workflows

By Christopher Breen, Macworld |  Software, Apple, applications

I recently offered a video that explained how to construct simple Automator workflows that you triggered via applications and iCal calendar events. This week I continue my Automator primer by demonstrating how to build two other kinds of workflows--services and folder actions. In the first part of the video you'll learn how to create a new to-do item with a simple key combination. In the latter portion, I'll show you how to convert images to black and white simply by dragging them to a folder.

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I offer a new Automator workflow each and every month. You can check out all our Automator work on our Automator topics page. And if you're looking for additional information outside of this Macworld, check out the Mac OS X Automation website.

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In a recent video I demonstrated a couple of simple Automator workflows--one for creating a workflow application and another for creating a workflow triggered by an iCal event. This time I'd like to show you a couple of other workflow types that I think you'll find helpful. I'll start with a workflow that allows you to easily create a new To Do items, which you can invoke via a service. Launch Automator and from the workflow template that appears, select Service and click Choose.

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