The time for NoSQL standards is now

Like Larry Ellison's yacht, the RDBMS is sailing into the sunset. But if NoSQL is to take its place, a standard query language and APIs must emerge soon

By Andrew Oliver, InfoWorld |  Software, databases, nosql

Aside from the market-creating effects of standardization, this kind of mature effort tends to make purchasing managers feel more comfortable that they haven't bet on the next "OODBMS" pipe dream. There's money in them hills, and the equipment to mine it is called standardization. It is not only in our best interest as technology consumers that this process starts, but also in the best interests of the NoSQL vendors and projects themselves.

So how about it, Apache Hadoopers? How about it, 10gen? How about it, Neo Technologies? Cloudbase? Go ahead, compete, but let's also raise the tide for all boats. Well, maybe not the SS Ellison -- I'm sure he'll get by.

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