Windows 8 Update: We're talking IPv6-friendly

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"This change isn't implemented on networks with web proxies. In these networks, the proxy provides connectivity to the Internet; so end-to-end testing of IPv6 connectivity is not useful. Instead, Windows 8 simply opens connections to the proxy in the most efficient manner possible."

He says this ensures that Windows 8 can stay connected as the Internet transitions to IPv6, even if local networks are misconfigured to handle it.

Staples loves Windows 8

Business supply chain Staples is promoting Windows 8 via a support and upgrade package it says is worth $100.

Aimed at small businesses, the offer promises that customers who buy new Windows 7 computers before Nov. 31 and upgrade them to Windows 8 Pro when it's available get a $15 gift card to compensate for the $14.99 upgrade fee Microsoft charges. They also get online training in the operating system and phone support.

In announcing the program, Staples released results of a survey it commissioned about small businesses' feelings about Windows 8. Of those who were aware of Windows 8, 70% have upgrade plans underway. The most exciting thing about Windows 8 for 28% of them is that in combination with Windows Phone, it offers similar user experiences on phones, tablets and PCs.

Windows 8 hardware glut

At the Computex 2012 conference this week, it seems it was nearly impossible to turn around without bumping into a new device sporting Windows 8, according to published reports.

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Acer showed two new tablets as did Asus, which also revealed a Windows 8 all-in-one and a hybrid laptop/tablet that can dual boot and has two screens -- one of them a touchscreen -- that can simultaneously display separate applications. Asus also put out a Windows 8 version of its Android Eee Transformer Prime.

Lenovo showed a tablet. MSI showed a "slider" ultrabook that has a screen that can lie flat as a tablet or flip up to become a notebook.

Meanwhile, during a keynote, Intel Senior Vice President Tom Kilroy said more than 20 Intel Clover Trail-based devices designed for Windows 8 were on tap from several vendors.

HTC left out in the cold on tablets

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