Windows 8 Update: We're talking IPv6-friendly

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While hardware vendors bragged about their upcoming Windows 8 products, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft turned down HTC to receive early versions of Windows 8 to put on its tablets. Part of the problem was that HTC wanted to customize the home screen and Microsoft said no. Also, Microsoft was concerned that HTC doesn't have enough experience in the tablet market, the report says. But there's hope. HTC may jump into the Windows 8 device fray sometime next year.

Virtual support on iPads

Parallels, makers of Parallels Desktop software that creates virtual machines on iPads, has updated the platform to make it easier to install Windows 8. Rather than manually installing it, users will be able to install Windows 8 using Parallel's Virtual Machine Wizard, the company says.

Google threat to Windows RT?

Google has bought Quickoffice in a move that could be a threat to the ARM version of Windows 8 known as Windows RT.

Google could package Quickoffice with its Chromebooks, which would help the devices compete with Windows 8 tablets and notebooks when they come out later this year. Windows RT will come with native Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote). Full versions of Office will run on Windows 8 x86 laptops, notebooks and tablets.

So while Quickoffice isn't Office, it can edit Office-format files. With Chromebooks starting at $299, they could become a more attractive alternative to Windows 8 tablets, iPads and even the little Nook and Kindle tablets from Barnes & Noble and Amazon if they ship with Quickoffice onboard.

Or Google may be making a defensive move based on the heavily rumored Office for iPad package that The New York Times says Microsoft is working on, but hasn't decided when to launch it or how much to charge.

Privacy? What privacy?

Microsoft drew a line in the sand this week, saying it would switch on by default the do-not-track option in Internet Explorer 10, the version that comes with Windows 8.

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