The week in iOS apps: once upon a time...

By Joel Mathis, Macworld |  Mobile & Wireless, Apple, Foursquare

This week's roundup of apps for the iPhone and iPad offers new ways to help you tell stories, make music, or simply find a great place to get lunch.

Already we've told you about the new OmniPlan's new project-management app for iPad, as well as the Pris camera app for iOS. And enterprise-oriented app users can celebrate the launch of Todo Exchange Tasks--which lets you access your to-do list in Microsoft Exchange--as well as a fresh update to Office² HD, which gives users the power to create Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in iOS.

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Other new and updated apps that caught our attention this week:

Cloudee: The competition to provide cloud-based video sharing is heating up quickly: Pixorial made a splash coming out of the gate last month; now it's joined by Boxee's free Cloudee app for iPhone. While users can upload iPhone videos to Facebook or Twitter from the app, it's designed for more targeted sharing--videos can be shared directly with friends and family, instead of the larger audience offered by YouTube and social networks. Those videos can be played on your iOS device, a computer, or a TV screen. Cloudee will soon offer premium accounts as well, at which point there will be an as-yet-unspecified cap on the amount of video you can share using the free service.

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