New Oracle OpenWorld details give early look at company's plans

Cloud computing, Fusion Applications and Oracle's engineered systems will be featured prominently

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Last year at OpenWorld, Oracle unveiled the Big Data Appliance and Exalytics machines.

The OpenWorld session catalog doesn't appear to spill the beans on any additional systems to be announced at the show, but Oracle plans to closely align Fusion Applications with Exadata and Exalogic. One session describes those products as the "ultimate platform" for deploying its next-generation Fusion Applications. Speculation has also swirled in the past that Oracle would eventually ship Fusion Applications pre-installed on its appliances; this session could reflect a step in that direction.

Oracle is also planning to discuss how customers can build "database clouds" of their own with Oracle technologies, most likely Exadata, in order to create a DBaaS (database as a service).

Attendees will also get an update on the technical road map Exadata, which has received the most attention of all Oracle's systems, during a session titled "Future of Oracle Exadata: Developments for OLTP, Warehousing, and Consolidation."

4. Databases

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison recently revealed that the next version of Oracle's flagship database will be released in December or January. It's expected to be named 12c, with the "c" standing for cloud.

It wouldn't be surprising if longtime Oracle database chief Andrew Mendelsohn gives OpenWorld showgoers a preview of database 12c during his keynote, "What's Next for Oracle Database?" Conceivably, Mendelsohn could announce a beta program for the release as well, assuming that Ellison was referring to a general-availability date.

Another session will discuss how Oracle's recently released NoSQL database, which is part of the Big Data Appliance, makes a complementary, "perfect fit" alongside Oracle's main database.

MySQL users will get plenty of fodder at OpenWorld as well. In fact, Oracle has created a separate MySQL Connect conference, co-located with the main event. Seventy-six sessions were listed for MySQL Connect as of Monday, highlighted by a "State of the Dolphin" road map keynote (referring to MySQL's logo) featuring Oracle vice president Tomas Ulin and Oracle chief corporate architect Edward Screve.

4. Oracle's applications strategy

Oracle's next-generation Fusion Applications are linked to about 100 sessions slated for OpenWorld so far. Attendees can expect a wealth of details on new Fusion product road maps, as well as "co-existence" strategies for rolling out Fusion alongside Oracle's other business applications.

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