Swarovski makes website sparkle with Compuware dynaTrace APM

Jewellery maker's online store front is now as shiny as its crystals

By Sophie Curtis, Techworld |  Application Management, APM, Application performance

For example, dynaTrace showed that network latency issues mean that customers in Asia sometimes have to wait a
long time for pages to load and transactions to process. Swarovski has therefore decided to implement a content
delivery network (CDN) to service those customers better.

"It's a basis for big decisions," said Neubacher. "If we saw we were getting 200,000 visits a day from Russia,
we could decide to make the next project a shop in Russia."

Version 4.2 of dynaTrace will be rolled
out in the coming weeks
, offering "zero configuration," meaning that it automatically discovers both cloud and
virtualised instances and provides analytics for Big Data technologies such as Cassandra.

Neubacher said that Swarovski would be using the updated software to extend its online shops and introduce
dynaTrace early in the lifecycle for load and functionality testing.

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