Facing competition, Dropbox Pro increases storage options

By Joel Mathis, Macworld |  Storage, cloud storage, dropbox

The increasingly crowded competition among cloud-storage providers may lead to a boon for consumers--more
storage for the money.

Dropbox on Tuesday announced it was
increasing the amount of storage available to Dropbox Pro subscribers, but without increasing subscription fees:
Users of the $10-a-month 50GB storage plan will now have 100GB available at the same cost; subscribers to the
$20-a-month 100GB storage plan will also see their available storage double without a fee increase.

The 50GB storage plan will apparently go away, but Dropbox said it will now offer a 500GB plan at an
as-yet-unspecified price. The company said its pricing page would be
updated Tuesday evening; existing Dropbox Pro users will see their accounts update to the new parameters at the
same time.

Dropbox's announcement came the same day that "digital filing" company Neat announced the launch of its own NeatCloud
--which offers a single user 50GB of storage for $6 a month. And both announcements come amidst
explosive growth in the cloud-storage sector: Dropbox is granddaddy of such services,
along with stalwarts like Box.com and OfficeDrop--and they've been joined in the last year by Apple's own iCloud service, GoogleDrive,
and Cubby.
also offers NeatCloud-style scan-and-save services, while Evernote has similar
scan-and-extract-pertinent-information skills.

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