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(Image Caption: offers
guides to 120 cities, but its list view emphasizes your particular destinations.)
If its summertime, its
vacation time. And these days, iOS users have little excuse for getting lost, or not knowing what their options are
when they hit town. Among the tools for having that information at ones fingertips is which on Wednesday officially launched the latest version of its iPhone app.

Stay.coms app features guides to more than 120 cities around the world, helping users find their way around
strange locations. The update features Facebook integration that, in turn, offers users the new ability to
collaborate with and solicit input from friends on crafting personalized itineraries. The result? A mix of both
authoritative recommendations and crowdsourced wisdom.

After downloading the app, the first thing you do is sign in. (Or not: Theres a browsing option, but youll want
to sign in to use the majority of the apps features.) There are two ways of doing this: Either with a
accountyou can register directly from the appor using your Facebook account. If you dont have a account,
and youre not worried about giving Facebook access to yet another part of your life, you might want to use the
social networking service: The app is full of collaborative features that heavily utilize social networking.

City guides

The core of the app is the aforementioned collection of guides to 120 cities, mostly in North America, but also
featuring destinations in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Tap on a city in the list, and it flies to the top of that queue, where its listed as one of My Cities. Tap
again on that city, and you gain entrance to the guide itself. If the guide is helpful, you can download it at no
charge for offline viewing, mitigating any problems you might have hitting your phones data service limitsbut you
can only use this feature if youre signed into the app. The downloaded guides dont take too much space on your
phone; one city occupied 17 MB, the size of a few songs.

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