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By Joel Mathis, Macworld |  Software, iPhone apps

To make matters more interesting, there are actually guides within guides. In Philadelphia, where I live, there
are eight different such subguides for the city, ranging from recommendations for travelers on a budget to options
for families. Tap on one of these and you can view the list of attractionsmuseums, restaurants, hotels, and moreand
if youve been to one of the locations, you can rate it. (Note this: lets you book hotel reservations from
its website, but not this app.) You can also search local highlights according to their popularity or their
distance from your current location.

Maps are embedded everywhere in the app. If you just want to see whats around you, you can click on the map
view, and recommended locations will pop up on the map around you. The list isnt necessarily exhaustive, however:
The app failed to note the presence of several popular restaurants in my neighborhood. There is a way to fix that,
however: Make your own guide.

Guide yourself

The ability to construct your own guide is where the apps integration with Facebook appears to be particularly

You can do this informally, by soliciting your Facebook friends recommendations on places to stay, see, and eat
in townthey dont have to be users to offer their highlights. (You can also designate other travelers who
will be sharing the trip with you.) Or you can construct your own personalized guide, selecting locations that
might not otherwise appear in the guides (a friends apartment, perhaps, or a lesser-known restaurant) to
create an agenda for your trip.

The app defaults to making the guides public for other users to see, but that function can be turned
off. You can actively choose to share the guides with your own friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

If youre going even a little bit off the beaten path, this app may not be so useful: Theres no way to craft an
itinerary or get an advance view of the sights in, say, Wichita. Stick to the worlds biggest cities, however, and
theres plenty here to use and add to.

The app is free, and compatible with most devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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