Microsoft Word 2013: hands on

A first look at Word 2013 reveals an update designed for easy collaboration and access by multiple devices.

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I particularly like two new functions for collaborating and editing. First, you can now reply to a comment. I do a lot of editing, and having a "discussion" in the comments tends to be sloppy and chaotic. Word 2013 lets you click to reply and maintain the discussion thread in a single comment.

The second feature I like for editing is the ability to lock tracking changes. You can set a password to lock change tracking on, thereby ensuring that all changes and modifications are visible as such.

Ready for Tablets

Microsoft's new generation of software pays close attention to touch. You can tap charts or images to zoom in; you can tap to expand or collapse sections of a document; and you can hold your finger on a word or phrase to access context-sensitive options. Microsoft expects Word 2013 to be used with touchscreen interfaces.

My overall impressions are positive. Microsoft seems to have done a solid job of adapting the traditional Word--or at least Word 2010--to accommodate new features and enhancements that make the software much more functional on tablets and other touchscreen devices. The nudge toward the cloud will help protect data, simplify file sharing, and give users to have consistent access to information from virtually any device.

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