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By Kirk McElhearn, Macworld |  Software, iTunes

Over the years, my iTunes library has grown in size from manageable to humongous. As I continue to add more contentmusic files, videos, podcasts, and moremy iTunes library sure isnt getting any smaller.

I have generally resolved this problem by increasing the size of my iTunes-housing hard drive. But my current computer, a Mac mini, is more limited in this respect. The version I have includes a 256GB SSD along with a 750GB hard drive, which I got specifically for my iTunes media. It doesnt take much to fill up a hard drive that size.

While I admit that my music libraryaround 80,000 tracksis very large, I dont have a lot of videos. But I recently bought the first four seasons of Breaking Bad in HD from the iTunes Storewhich take up 90GB of space. Add to that a number of discs from my DVD collection that I ripped, and Im amassed a couple hundred gigabytes of videos.

So I, like many iTunes users, have been looking for an easy solution to put some of my iTunes content on another drive, while keeping it accessible. In the past, you could create aliases of certain folders, such as Movies or TV Shows, and put them on another drive. But iTunes can no longer work with folder aliases. Another solution, creating symbolic links, works halfway: iTunes can read from these folders, but cant write new content to them.

Enter TuneSpan. This $10 app from Random Applications is designed to move, or span, some or all of your iTunes library to another drive. (Note that the developer lists $10 as a sale price, and says he may raise the price to $15 in the future.) You can even move part of your library to one drive, and another part to a different drive if you wish. Heres how it works.

When you launch TuneSpan, it examines your iTunes library to generate a list of all your content. Even if you have a large library, this only takes a minute or so. The program then displays its main window, which is similar to that of iTunes. You see your playlists in a column to the left, and a navigation bar lets you choose to examine all your content, or just one kind (Music, Movies, and so on).

To start with, you choose where you want to move your content. Just drag the folder on the other drive you want to use to the Click Here Or Drop Folder To Select Span Location well at the bottom of the window. Next, pick the content you want to actually move.

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