Firefox 14 protects search queries from 'bad guys,' not advertisers

The latest version of Firefox protects your Google search queries from hackers, but not from advertisers.

By John P. Mello Jr., PC World |  Security, Firefox

"Danny, you misunderstood what SSL search is trying to accomplish," Dotzler wrote in a comment over at The Verge. "We've made the connection between the user and Google secure from snooping. That's what SSL does and that's why we've implemented it. Google can do what ever it wants with the data once it gets it, but the bad guys sniffing your wi-fi connection cannot get at your information."

In other words, Firefox 14 makes your data safe from the "bad guys," but not from Google--who turns it right on over to advertisers.

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Originally published on PC World |  Click here to read the original story.
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