Dealing with cloud outages -- are we ready?

By Randy Clark, CMO of UC4 Software, Network World |  Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services

It's at this point where the need for process abstraction and automation becomes acute. Because these interdependencies, which represent potential breakage points, are beyond human ability alone to manage. IT organizations are now forced to deal with these new realities while Cloud, Big Data, DevOps and ITaaS pressures get added to the mix in the name of providing more business agility. With all these moving parts, something needs to be stable and act as the IT backbone. It's increasingly obvious that it's the process and process control.

The days of designing the process to accommodate the shortcomings of infrastructure are over. Enterprises must abstract, insulate and protect their business processes from the applications and infrastructures that support them. The need for improved IT process automation is rising as the services and brand impact of on-line outages grows.

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