SolusOS: A new Linux distro with a focus on the familiar

This distribution has a brand-new desktop environment that's designed to be a GNOME 2 twin.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Software, Linux, SolusOS

There's been no end in sight to the controversy over Linux desktop environments, and with new contenders including Unity, GNOME 3, and Cinnamon--to name just a few--users now face more choices than ever before.

For many longtime Linux users, however, there's nothing like the welcoming feel of the old, familiar GNOME 2 interface, and that's just what a new Linux distribution has set out to deliver.

Based on Debian Linux, SolusOS is a beginner-friendly desktop Linux whose next version--now in alpha--features a GNOME 3 fork designed to look and behave just like GNOME 2.

SolusOS quickly sprinted up DistroWatch's page-hit rankings following the release of its first stable version, called Eveline, back in May. Now situated at No. 26 on that list, the distro just saw the release of a fifth alpha version of SolusOS 2 about a month ago.

I had a chance recently to speak with Ikey Doherty, creator of the Linux Mint Debian Edition and now the SolusOS project's founder and lead developer, about SolusOS and what's coming in the next release. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to find in the next version of this up-and-coming Linux distro.

1. 'The Truest GNOME 2-like Experience'

SolusOS's first release, which is currently the stable version, features the GNOME 2.30 desktop, but we all know eventually it's going to go away, Doherty explained. Accordingly, SolusOS 2 will use a custom version of GNOME 3.4 called GNOME Classic instead.

We've patched it and molded it into something of our own, Doherty said. Built on top of GNOME 3.4 tech, using Metacity, GNOME Panel, Nautilus, etc., it looks and behaves identically to GNOME 2 without the need for a brand new 'speedy' computer with hardware acceleration and provides the truest GNOME 2-like experience today.

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