Mac Office users want Retina support from Microsoft

Office typically slow to support new OS X features

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"It's a bit of a stretch to say you are 'ready' for Lion, let alone Mountain Lion," said "Johnson" two days after the blog posted. "I am sure all [these] features will also be promised in the 'new' Office version coming out real soon [but] I'm really sorry that we bought this version for our office. The 2008 version would have done just fine."

Johnson had a point.

Office for Mac 2011 has yet to adopt a pair of OS X Lion's most-touted features -- including Versions and Auto Save -- and added support for full-screen mode only in April 2012's service pack 2 (SP2), nine months after Lion's launch. Even then, one of the suite's four applications, Outlook, was left out.

Last year, just after Apple delivered Lion, a Microsoft senior director of product development said his company was "working hard with Apple to enable versioning, auto save and full-screen" for Office for Mac 2011, and added that the timeline was "likely measured in months."

Some requested improvements, including support for iCloud -- Apple's online storage and sync service that's integrated into Mountain Lion -- will probably never appear. Microsoft has never signaled interest in iCloud, and instead touts its own SkyDrive. One possible reason: Apple requires software with ties to iCloud be sold through its Mac App Store, which would require Microsoft to give 30% of all Office for Mac revenue there to its rival.

Office for Mac 2011's next big move has nothing to do with new features, but everything to do with Microsoft's strategy to "lease" that suite and Office 2013 for Windows through subscription plans. Microsoft will update Office for Mac 2011 to make it available to subscribers, but has said it will make no other immediate changes to the software.

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