Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 now available for developers

The IDE adds multiple enhancements for tablet-style apps, Web, and JavaScript development

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Developers can now download the Visual Studio 2012 software development platform and accompanying .Net Framework 4.5, a Microsoft official revealed on Wednesday.

Available to MSDN subscribers at this Web site, Visual Studio 2012 supports development of what had been known as "Metro-style" applications geared to tablets. (Microsoft has run into trademark issues because of the Metro name.) The platform also offers enhancements for Web development, JavaScript code editing, and a host of other improvements.

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"Two weeks ago, I shared that final builds of Visual Studio 2012 and .Net 4.5 had been created, and that they'd be available for MSDN Subscribers on August 15th. Well, today is August 15th, and I'm excited to announce that the bits are live and ready to go," said Microsoft Corporate Vice President S. Somasegar, in a blog post on Wednesday.

"With Visual Studio 2012, we're delivering a productive and powerful development experience, one that makes it easy to develop on your own or as part of a collaborative team, all the while building apps that target the latest platforms," Somasegar said."The interesting question for every developer out there is -- what app will you build today? We look forward to discussing it more with you during the Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event on September 12th."

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