The new 'pure GNOME' Ubuntu Linux is coming this fall

Though its name is still up in the air, the new OS is reportedly due in October.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Software, Linux, Ubuntu

Earlier this month fans of the good old GNOME 2 desktop environment got some exciting news when it became clear that a version of Ubuntu Linux featuring the classic desktop was in the works.

Now, plans for that new Ubuntu flavor are beginning to take form, and it looks like we can expect its arrival in October.

There's now what looks like an official Web page for this new GNOME Ubuntu--called GNOMEbuntu in its URL--and a Muktware report on Thursday uncovered numerous details about the forthcoming release. Here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights.

1. The Name

While initially it sounded like GNOMEbuntu would be the name of this new Linux flavor, developer Jeremy Bicha has apparently said that the GNOME Foundation Board won't permit it, according to Muktware.

In a recent Quantal Quetzal-focused thread on the Ubuntu forums, both GNObuntu and Gnubuntu were being discussed. No final word yet, as far as I can tell.

2. The Apps

Along with Compiz, the new GNOME Ubuntu will reportedly use the Rhythmbox music player as well as the Epiphany browser, Evolution for e-mail and workgroup functions, the Abiword word processor, and the Gnumeric spreadsheet package. Neither Firefox nor LibreOffice will be preinstalled, according to the report.

3. The GNOME Goodness

As part of its goal of offering a "pure GNOME" experience, this new Ubuntu flavor will of course not include the mobile-inspired and controversial Unity desktop interface. According to the Muktware report, it also won't include cloud service Ubuntu One.

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