10 questions for Freeborders CFO Paul Machle

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My style is empowerment. I like to hire great people and then let them run with their priorities and their projects. I tend to be fairly hands-off in what people do and expect them to perform at the level they're capable of.

6. What strengths and qualities do you look for in job candidates?

We look for people who are self-motivators and can work independently. Strengths we value include the ability to take initiative and run with whatever given project or assignment. My team members are usually people who fight for opportunities to take challenges and risks.

I look for people that can work independently, that like to be challenged and aren't looking for somebody to tell them what to do on a daily basis. I really look for people that will take the initiative and will run with whatever project or assignment is given to them.

7. What are some of your favorite interview questions or techniques to elicit information to determine whether a candidate will be successful at your company? What sort of answers send up red flags for you and make you think a job candidate wouldn't be a good fit?

So far, I've been very fortunate in my hiring decisions. The people who joined my team five years ago are all still with the company. From my perspective there was no doubt about the candidates' capabilities. There was also a personal connection that we established during the interview process. Two of my senior team members are like mind readers, they always know what I'm thinking. More importantly, they also know how to make finance extend into other areas of the company.

8. What is it about your current job, at this particular company, that sets it apart from other chief finance positions?

As a CFO of a medium-sized, privately held company, I have more freedom and flexibility than I had working at billion-dollar companies. I get very involved in the company's strategy from the very beginning. I can help decide what markets we want to be in, how to target those markets, how to build organizations and scale what we want to do from a strategy perspective.

9. What do you do to unwind from a hectic day?

Have fun with my kids. As I've got three boys, it can sometimes get a little crazy. After getting them to sleep, I enjoy playing a late-night tennis match.

10. If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?

If money were no object, I'd probably be coaching high school baseball.

I like being part of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley community and working on new and emerging technologies.

In the past five to 10 years, SaaS computing and mobile technology have become more important. Now there's the emerging social media technologies market. I've kept close to all of those -- what we've done at Freeborders is to incorporate all of those emerging technologies into our strategy.

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