Microsoft adds devops at Visual Studio launch

Company formally rolls out new software development platform, along with enhancements

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Microsoft's formal introduction of Visual Studio 2012 IDE today gives a nod to devops by enabling IntelliTrace, which lets users track issues in code. Although Visual Studio 2012 has been shipping for about three weeks, Microsoft seeks to get the message out about the product and the accompanying .Net Framework 4.5 to potential users who haven't yet downloaded the software.

In the devops space, Microsoft is extending IntelliTrace, for tracing of code-related problems, to the company's Systems Center software via a capability that will be featured in Systems Center 2012 Service Pack 1, currently in a preview release. Code issues detected by operations personnel can be routed to developers via Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 ALM server.

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Prior to this latest enhancement, IntelliTrace was only available for software development usage. "You couldn't actually use it out in the data center," said Jason Zander, Microsoft corporate vice president for the Visual Studio team.

Additionally, Microsoft will introduce Visual Studio 2012 Update 1, which adds kanban templates for agile programming, as well as new support for the SharePoint collaboration platform via load testing and coded UI testing. The update will be available in a preview form in a couple of weeks. The full update will be out later this year.

Other products unveiled by Microsoft today include:

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